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Untapping Latent Tourism Demand
Mar 19, 2018 12:00 PM

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In line with the opendata work done in istacbaser the first version of the Canary Islands Tourism Dashboard has been developed. This is a shiny web application whose final purpose is to facilitate tourism data access in an interactive way.

The idea of this proyect comes from the New Zealand Tourism Dashboard a really awesome work.


Recently, Christian González-Martel and me have published istacbaser, a package for downloading data from ISTAC using its Api. In this post it is shown a case of use of istacbaser, the example of use is focused on showing the total tourism expenditure in Canary Islands by year and by origin country. 1. Installing the package First of all, the user has to install the package from Github. For this purpose is needed to load “devtools”, then you can install and load the package.